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If you have rang us at any point it is very likely you spoke to Rimas. He has worked in Allfresh for over 10 years and he is one of our most dedicated employees. His career in Allfresh started when the company he worked for at the time was acquired by Allfresh. He has over 15 years’ experience in the industry and has worked in many different roles over the years. Originally when he began working in Allfresh he was a delivery driver but was soon moved to nights. Rimas’s potential and value in Allfresh was noticed early and became store manager not long after joining. He currently works in our office, a right hand man to Eoin. Rimas’s knowledge of our business and his attention to detail has made him an irreplaceable member of our team.

Below are a number of questions I was able to ask Rimas

1. Current role in Allfresh

Over the last 15 years i got to know the business from every side – deliverying, picking orders,managing warehouse and the office side of the business. At the moment my main role is telesales lead. I’d be one of the first to answer the phone.

My morning starts with a walk around the warehouse to check and see what we have in stock or if we are out of anything. My role requires me to know our stock levels, quality of the products, new arrivals and all the shapes and sizes of the produce. And trust me it’s never the same.

Next I ring customers for the prepared vegetables they would like to order. This is another important part of my job. By 1.00pm daily I have to make sure I’ve ordered enough prepped veg for all existing and all late orders for the next day. To keep veg fresh you can’t order too far in advance.

I also plan our price list. This is definitely one of my most difficult and tricky jobs. Nowadays everyone is expecting the best quality, best service and the cheapest prices – which is very hard to do. Its hard for a small business like us to compete with multinational competitors, so I have to think outside the box so we stay competitive.

My day finishes with getting the office ready for Eoin in the morning – I have to pass on any messages to our night staff, make sure all paper work is done and ready for Eoin to look at and all pre-orders are sent to our supplier.

In Allfresh we work as a team and it’s all about helping each other.

2. Favourite part of working in Allfresh

That would be the team and the fast pace.

Throughout the years Barra has gathered a bunch of great people around him. It makes your work and life a lot easier when you have a good team around you.

Allfresh works at a very fast pace. There is always something happening – every day is different. You have no time to be bored and this makes the work day go very fast.

3. What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

You either say how you feel and f*** it up or say nothing and let it f*** you up instead. But go with “What goes around ,comes around”

4. Your Role Model

I couldn’t pick one – there’s too many great people around me. But mainly it would be my family.





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