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Adam Irwin

Adam first started helping his father on Saturdays when he was 11. Then he began working during the summers and after he finished Secondary School he began working full time. Adam has worked in many different jobs in Allfresh – from the store, to the office and now delivering orders.

Below are a number of questions I was lucky enough to ask Adam

1. What roles have you worked as in Allfresh?

Over the years I have learned a lot of the roles in Allfresh:

- Night loading – making up orders

- Office – taking order off the phone and the answering machine

- Store – making sure all the new produce is rotated and the qualiy is good

And now I am a delivery driver

2. What is your current role in Allfresh?

I am a delivery driver

My role entails making sure all my order are correct and good quality. When I arrive I check my dockets for the day and put them in them in the best route that works for my customers. I then go and look at the pallets (the night loaders prepared for me) and load them in the truck in the order I have planned to deliver them in. Lastly I do my daily checks, refuel the truck and then set off for the day.

3. Favourite part of working in Allfresh?

One of my favourite parts about working in Allfresh is definitely the great team of workers we have as we always pull together when times are tough. Another favourite part of my job is the social aspect. I love meeting and talking to my customers and seeing how their business are worked/run and achieving things.

4. What is the best advice you’ve ever received ?

My mother alway says “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”

My father says you’ll never get anywhere in life by sitting down and doing nothing, so just get it done.

5. Your role model?

My father, he has put me on the right path for the future ahead.





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